About Me

While I initially set out to be a high school English teacher, receiving my Masters in English, I am currently putting my literary skills to use writing "porn," as my dad so degradingly states.

It all started when my older sister, Ashley, got engaged to her high school sweetheart. She chose me to be her maid of honor, and with that came one of the numerous tasks of the "maid"—planning her bachelorette party. Well, for those of you who have undergone this experience know what I mean when I say that all the games out there for bachelorette parties are beyond lame. When I Googled "bachelorette games," like all of us do, these were some of the awful ideas that popped up…

  • Make bridal gowns out of toilet paper
  • Bachelorette truth or dare
  • Pin the penis on the shirtless man
  • Bride BINGO
  • Carving penises out of cucumbers
  • Bride and Groom Madlibs

Really? Is this what your bride wants to do on her "Last Night Out" as her t-shirt, sash, and tiara so clearly indicates?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

The nightclub scene wasn't so much my concern because, to be honest, once you're out of the hotel, or wherever you are staying, the alcohol pretty much does the rest of the work. Your girls start getting wasted and the job of "host" you've been playing all evening is no longer needed. Whether your girls are too drunk to know their names, braving new dance moves, or making male friends, they are enjoying themselves.

However, how do you cover that three-hour window or so BEFORE the downtown scene takes over? Let's get real. Unless you've had the same group of friends since 1st grade, your bridal party is going to be a solid mash up of your family and all your gal pals from high school, college, or work, who may or may not know each other. You have a mixture of personalities that are not guaranteed to hit it off so well.

You've got your pregnant friend who can't drink in conversation with your best binge-drinking girlfriend that may or may not have a drinking problem. Your sluttiest of slutty friends is also striking up a conversation with your new prude sister-in-law. And two of your girlfriends, who used to be BFF's, until they shared the same bedmate, are catching eyes for the first time in three years.

Forgetful introductions are made. The "How do you know the bride?" questions are tossed around. And awkward large sips of alcohol are consumed to conceal the immense discomfort of the entire situation.

And out of these horrid circumstances, Blushing Bride was born.

Blushing Bride is the cure-all to what I like to call Pre-Bachelorette Party Syndrome. The part of the party that usually sucks because everyone and their mother is uncomfortable just waiting for the go-ahead to escape to the loud, non-interacting, alcohol heavy atmosphere of the bar.

Blushing Bride eliminates the awkwardness of these merging personalities by abolishing small talk and sidetracking your guests with a game. Teams are formed, which creates immediate camaraderie amongst these strangers and the hilarity of the content breaks the ice. Believe me, your guests will be too concerned with how to silently act out, "Dildo," to worry about anything else.

Don't make your guests turn their BINGO cards into coasters and chow down on their poorly carved cucumber penises out of boredom.

Throw your bride a quality "Final Fling Before the Ring" with The Ultimate Bachelorette Board Game, Blushing Bride. But in all seriousness, whether you have a situation similar to the crisis above, or no resemblance at all, with an intimate crew that's known each other since they were in diapers, Blushing Bride guarantees a fun and hilarious night bound to create some unforgettable memories.

I truly hope your bachelorette loves this game as much as I do. I absolutely love hearing your personal stories and feedback about the game. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at info@bacheloretteboardgame.com.